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License and Terms for using Extendware software and services

         •        If you refund an item that qualified you for a promotion in such a way that you would not have qualified for the promotion if you did not refund, then the promotion will be rolled back. For example, if you order 2 products valued at $50.00 for a sub-total of $100.00 and if ordering the second product qualifies you for a 20% discount ($20.00 savings), then your order total would be $80.00. If you were to request a refund for one product, then the refunded amount would be $30.00. Your after-refund-total would be $50, which is the price of the one remaining product before the promotion was applied.


         •        All services are non-refundable. This includes services ordered as an option with a product, such as installation services.


         •        You must agree to the software license in order to use the software. If you do not agree, you may request a refund before the end of the refund period. If you fail to either accept the software license or request a refund within the refund period, then you forfeit any right to refund.


         •        If you have ordered installation services, you are still responsible for logging into your account, going through the software download process, and reading and accepting the software license. Until you do this, you are implicitly accepting the software license. If you fail to do this and later decide that you do not accept the license and it is beyond your refund period, then you forfeit the right to use the software and to request a refund. You may view our general license at This is provided for informational purposes only. The actual license for the specific software you ordered may be substantially different.


         •        Software is not guaranteed to be bug free and features are not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to test the demo and make use of the risk-free purchase period provided with the software to verify features, claims, and functionality and report any issues.


         •        If you have selected a plan with an access term, then you will lose access to the software at the end of the term unless you pay our very reasonable renewal fee.


         •        If you are ordering a product with an advertised refund guarantee and this is a product that you have previously ordered and refunded, then you no longer qualify for the refund guarantee. Any refund given will be given at the sole discretion of Extendware.


         •        Any free support offer is not unlimited support. We will provide a reasonable amount of guidance (solely determined by Extendware). The value of any free support is $0.00.


         •        Extendware does not assume any liability for your store or data or loss of business. It is your responsibility to continually make backups of your data and files and safe guard those backups.


         •        You will be placed on our newsletter when you make an order. You can unsubscribe at anytime.